The future belongs to those who have the courage to believe in the beauty of their dreams


Born in Italy, from our enthusiasm for sport, we dress athletes towards victory.

TOO FAST is grit but above all authenticity, so we care about the athlete and comfort; of the clothing that accompanies him every day.

We always take inspiration from Italy: with its landscapes and colors that every day gives us, for a unique and fashionable link between sport and nature.


Create a brand that brings change: sportswear, but with an eye to fashion, as revolutionary in its results, as effective for every training session.


Offer athletes and all those who love sports, the appropriate sportswear; ensuring maximum well-being and always focus on training.

Our team

It offers you:

  • Highest quality products
  • Research and development for new products
  • Great customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

and as always NEXT TO YOU 👍