What is Too Fast Origin?

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It's an online sportswear store, nothing more. Similar to thousands of other industry sites.

Similar. Not identical!

È qui, ci piace pensarlo almeno, che risiede il vero valore del nostro marchio.

What is the goal of Too Fast Origin?

Simply: emerge, with the hope of leaving an idea behind.

Let us be clearer: like any business that wants to establish itself we have turned to some models, drawing in particular from two worlds.

Sport, of course, but also rock music.

This being the first article of the blog, we believe that to better convey the idea of ​​who we are and what values ​​we embody, it may be useful to bring into play one of those models that have inspired our work.

It is a man who not only combines the two souls of Too Fast Origin, sport and rock, but who, in his emergence and affirmation, has also managed to give away the same idea that we too want to spread: starting from zero and get to be number one, possibly by continually overturning the rules!

Let's talk about one of the Greats, let's talk about John McEnroe.

Anyone who is a sports lover, as we hope our customers are, will surely know what McEnroe represented for tennis, and it is easy to understand why we have taken him as an example of the rock and revolutionary soul, even a little excessive, of the our brand: the nickname of superbrat (super brat) he certainly didn't earn by behaving like a perfect English lord. On the pitch, his numerous squabbles and rivalries with other players are famous, above all the one with Björn Borg; off the field, his excesses, as well as, and this is particularly important, his friendships with other Greats, of music this time: David Bowie, Keith Richards, Tina Turner and van Halen, just to name a few, were his "colleagues ” in the evening.

But John McEnroe is also the boy who has come to be number one in the world, climbing the rankings with his own strength. He's also the boy who started playing in shoes with holes in them because he couldn't afford new ones. He's the guy who just wanted to play matches, skipping training sessions, for his desire to prove he's the best, to emerge and assert himself. To not be able to accept defeat.

To put it in his own words: “It's hard to get used to losing and I've never done it very well. I was a lion on the tennis court, but when I lost my usual reaction, up to such an embarrassingly old age, was to burst into tears. After the handshake at the end of the match they always said to me: «And now the flood will come». I hated playing tennis that wasn't up to my potential, that's all."

Too Fast Origin does not want to be outdone: it knows the potential of its garments and the quality of the material with which they are made, and would hate to disappoint a sports lover with a rock soul.



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